FreeFans Social Media Exchange

The exchange system that we have gives you the option to choose the ones who you would like to follow or like. You can opt to skip those posts and feeds that you have no interest in. Our exchange system is extremely simple and devoid of any complications whatsoever. Whenever you like, follow or even when you view the social media pages of another member of our site, you will be given coins. These coins in turn can be used to get more followers and visitors on your own social media webpage.

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To make you comfortable and relaxed with our scheme, we hereby answer some of the common doubts which you may have:

  1. With our system, you would be able to gain free fans, followers and friends. You can also get likes and your website stats are sure to peak as well.
  2. We are aware of the policy details of Twitter and Facebook and we abide by them meticulously.
  3. We would not post any status and updates from your accounts.
  4. We do not ask for passwords to any of your social media accounts because it is your own private data.

What can you exchange at our website?

We cater to most social networks, here are the ones we currently offer.

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