How do you get Followers?
Once you provide us with your URL, we then use our specially created procedure to help increase your followers or likes. Methods vary according to the social media channel but rest assured we provide only real (human) followers who will see your status updates.
Why should I buy Fans or Followers?
A website or profile without fans does not look good for business, buying fans creates the appearance of a successful company and encourages more visitors to like or use your website. As more users join your page search engines take notice of these social signals and give higher positioning in the search results.
Why does your pricing table say 72 hour start?
From the moment we take your order we get started. Our pricing tables state that we start within 72 hours but we like to over deliver. Large volumes will take longer to complete
Do you need my username and password?
No. Our service does not require this and we would never ask for it. The only thing we require is your profile URL. For example or Website address
Will my account get banned?
No. No accounts have ever been banned with our service.
I placed my order but forgot to include a link to my page?
Don’t worry, if you missed the option to enter your page details during the paypal process simply send us a message with it through the contact page.
What if I have any other questions or concerns?
Simply use our contact form with your query and we will reply within 24 hours.
How can I get Free Fans?
We offer a free fan exchange which you are more than welcome to join.
Do you sell Facebook Page Fans?
We offer a free fan exchange which you are more than welcome to join. Website likes have better benefits and value for money service.
Can I get a discount?
For repeat customers we offer 5% off your order for the first 5 orders, on your 6th order or more get 10% off.
Why choose Freefans?
Freefans aim to be the cheapest online, we provide real followers, fast delivery and most of all, we want you to be happy and come back.