1) Why the change?
We have changed the way Freefans looks and works to abide by social platform rules. We think that overall its a much better experience.
2) How are the Facebook pages displayed / ordered?
We have sorted all Facebook pages first by CPC (highest first) then by the number of clicks. This way new pages added are given a chance to earn clicks quicker.
3) What is V.I.P.?
V.I.P Status allows you to set your CPC higher than free members for the duration of your V.I.P. status. This means that your pages can appear before other members who don't have VIP.
4) How can I earn more coins?
Well the obvious answer is to like or follow other users / pages. You can also click on the daily bonus link at the top for extra coins everyday. Or simply buy them - our coins are probably the cheapest on the net considering the number of users we have.
5) How do I get a much higher volume of users to like or follow?
Consider using our paid services, again you won't find cheaper and we have many happy customers.
6) Where is your Paid Service?
7) How can I encourage users to like my page?
Keep your title short and honest. People tend to ignore 'Click Me'
8) Are there any sites or pages I shouldn't post?
Yes, please do not post links to other social exchanges, or porn sites. You might end up with a ban.
9) Why do you charge for coins and V.I.P.?
To cover the running costs of hosting and bandwidth. Not many people click on our adverts (we wish they would).
10) Any other ways I can earn coins?
Yes if you would like to make a video of you using this site, explaining how to use the various sections, then simply upload it to youtube. Once its up we will credit your account with 5000 coins. If your video is creative, funny or entertaining in some way we may give you extra coins ;)
11) My page has been deleted, why?
Our exchange currently does not support any pages that does not have a like button. If you add a profile (subscribe), photo, a website without a like button etc.. these will be deleted. The reason being our system looks for the like and checks if its been clicked.
12) Are there any sites / pages I cannot add?
Yes, sites that incite racial hatred, underage porn, other social media exchanges and blatant copyright theft.